CG Jung's Liverpool Dream drawing from the RED BOOK and Freemasonry symbolism codified into the streets of Washington DC

Within days of publishing my paper: THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES: Freemasonry’s influence on the... online I realized that CG Jung the great psychoanalyst had made a mandala drawing of a dream he had in 1927 (the reason for this additional material).  This drawing was revamped into a more artistic rendition or ideal model (see image 159 below).  The original hand drawing was place in the back of the RED BOOK on page 362.  The RED BOOK was place in a bank vault after Jung died in 1961 and did not come out for another thirty years and then it was finally published in 2009. Jung saw his drawing as a town plan, which is exactly what the streets of Washington DC represent.  He also saw this drawing as the end of Individuation process and he never made another mandala.

Below I illustrate how Freemasonry structures the same concept and patterns into the streets of Washington DC.  The Capitol Building and the White House combined would represent Jung’s large inner circle and the other hubs (squares, circles and parks) patterned in the octagonal shape are what radiate out from the center.  The Capitol Building (two political parties symbolizing ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind) would symbolize the dynamic forces of the psyche and with the approval of the White House (President’s signature) the laws are legislated into the land.

The Capitol Building, the White House and Seward Square (all colored yellow) appear to mimic the pattern of Jung’s hand drawing; however, more realistically Washington Circle Square Park would most likely represent the first of the mandala in Jung’s hand drawing.  The raison d'être for this is; for the reason that, it is as if Washington Circle Square Park illustrates collectively via its name all the variant patterns that can be use to structure the octagonal pattern into the city streets of Washington DC seeing that all the other hubs shaped into the octagonal pattern are either circles, squares or parks.  Notice how CG Jung interpreted his dream drawing into a mandala that has the peripheral octagonal patterns circling the center just as in the streets of Washington DC have all the other octagonal hubs in a circuit that circle from the White House back to the Capitol Building.The above map of Washington DC depicting the octagonal shapes patterned into the city streets and the legend below it listing the streets and avenues is for those that want to verify my research on this octagonal pattern, which is of course a take on the Kamea of Saturn., which is the mini-version of the Universal Mathematical Matrix.  I found it quite interesting that the Zero Milestone Marker is on the White House property pinpointing the center of the ten Mile square (10 x 10) of the area of Washington DC.

I believe that what is being illustrated here at the end of the individuation process: obtainment of Christ consciousness is that once a new raison d’être is obtained anything that the individual does is a mirror image of the totality of that individual’s Christ consciousness.  This is a given even with the psyche in chaotic disorder; however, from the state of Christ consciousness this order becomes obvious to the surrounding world.  When a person is religiously converted he or she is given a new name somewhat concretizing that new state of being and I believe that this is what is being conveyed in the mandala concept.

Notice that the diagonal streets have the names of eleven out of the first thirteen colonies. There are other diagonal streets with the other states names on them, which are not, at this time, in the octagonal pattern I am discussing above. All the other streets are alphanumerically named. Numerically they are vertically placed (north to south) or alphabetically placed horizontally (east to west). The White House has the Zero Milestone Marker illustrating it is the center of the city; however, it is the Capitol Building, which is the central point that aligns and names the alphabetic or numerical streets according to the ordinal directions. These alphanumeric nuances are extremely interesting because it is precisely how the Hebrew coder (alphabet) in the Judeao Christian Scriptures are structured and codified alphanumerically. The names of the diagonal streets is symbolically and conceptually how the alphanumeric system is used to formulates words creating a third option or what CG Jung would call the Transcendent Function. It took me a great deal of time to research and discover this pattern in the streets of Washington DC to learn all these nuances and this is precisely the method that is needed to read and research the bible: LETTER BY LETTER.

Consider what the alphabetic street crossing the numeric street does. It literally on a symbolic level create the cross of Christ: mystically marries the number to the letter, which writes the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH. It is letter/word RESH that crosses letter/word BETH, which forms the word BERESHITH (in the beginning). This is the simplest of interpretation on the word BERESHITH. There is a great deal more to the interpretation of that word: BERESHITH. The entire Old and New Testaments is a commentary on that one single word. Actually, the entire bible is a commentary on the first letter of Genesis: BETH. The word BERESHITH is a commentary on the first letter of Genesis. If the initiate can conceive that BETH is a mandala in its own right it can be understood that all that goes forth from it (exudes from it) is a mirror images of its entire message. I believe that this is what CG Jung saw in his dream from which he drew this above mandala image and it is what Freemasonry was esoterically codifying into the streets of Washington DC.

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