Richard Tarnas presentation and workshop: he mentioned the affect of the sun and moon in the individual and world psyche

I think everyone enjoyed meeting Richard this past weekend.  My early life passion was translating ancient texts, and one I still love is the Brihat Samhitra - all about joytir vidya - the knowledge of the light of life -- as it's expressed in the cosmos, and what we now call in the West -- our individual and common world psyche.  (This includes of course what Jung addressed as the unconscious, and how it comes to express itself in life and the human mind and our sleeping or even waking dreams.)  Vedic astros awareness was codified thousands of years before the CE in the ancient Asian Indian cultures.  Those old Vedic towns were about 40,000, where the people lived and worked.  They had priests (scholars) of a sort (Brahmin) and lots of commerce, eventually kings and armies too like we do today.  The people got lots of wisdom from looking at the stars-- looking at the stars being something Richard pointed out many of us don't really even have access to view today!!  In India the sun is the representation of the soul, the atma, and the character of a person or a society.  The moon in the karaka or the indicator of the mind of a nation or a people or the person's individual incarnation or birth.  As a society or a person, I think we have a moral obligation to make the best of what we are born with--without straining to do so, but in a natural way.  The moon often is the indicator of a person's curiosities in life I believe, their inner mind.

Kim brought up the point quite well that all the planets affect our being in a lifetime, not just the sun and moon.  Richard agreed, but reviewed that the 2 main orbs, sun and moon, have a far reaching affect, which is then modified in time by the positioning and passage of all the planets, which would include even the eclipses I would add.  What a nice discussion as the afternoon unfolded so pleasantly Saturday.

As an example in my family, my cousin had a great interest or curiosity in guns as a child.  My grandfather taught us all to respect guns so well, that we certainly never had any firearm accidents.    I didn't share the curiosity, altho I was a great shot (by report even as a child - I did like aiming)!!  Over his life my cousin trained the first public police force in Haiti.  His moon had given him a curiosity that absorbed his mind, and he used his character to make moral and benificial choices  to use of his knowledge well to serve the entire world at large.  What we make of our time is so entirely up to us in our lifetimes - we certainly have a scenario that we build over the years and need to deal with as time passes, but then the freedom is always there to make choices that bring peace and satisfaction to our days and hopefully in the world around us.  I certainly go out for a 10 minute walk every evening to see the night sky and just "look around" as my cousin's Dad used to say:  "Let's go out and look around a little."   My family loved walk and talks.  The night makes my dreams much deeper -- the sacred night is dark, but even that deep space of infinity (as we can conceive it) seems numinous in my mind. The night sings an interior song within myself, rocking me like my Mother once did -- in her arms to an ancient nursery rhyme. Once night is over, I am ready for the sunrise too--refreshed and eager to meet a new day, like Sati giggling in the bright light.  Glad to have shared such a nice weekend with everyone at the meeting.  Kathleen-Marie


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Kathleen-Marie what lovely things to share. I certainly enjoyed Richard's workshop and lecture too. I am so impressed with your sharing how you used to translate ancient Indian texts and your linking it to Vedic astro awareness. I thought Richard was urging us to be more curious about the world around us, the night sky in particular, and our relation to an enchanted universe. Your examples of your families' walks was a great example of that. 

Being appreciative of the many aspects of synchronicity seemed to me a key to understanding more about this enchanted or caring universe. And just as Jung and Von Frans explained much work still needs to be done so we can see past the veil and further our appreciation of this emerging world view. This birthing process that we seem to be experiencing is at once terrifying, exciting, and enthralling. It both intensifies and clarifies our individuation process. I am looking forward to hearing others take on this memorable weekend.

I hope I've attached an image of a "black hole" and also the full moon rising behind a Grecian temple -- several of my favorite images.  December 21 this year the sun rises in the portion of the sky around us that is the black hole at the end of Sagitariuss' arrow - believed to be the origin of our galaxy - if I understand the objective science of dark matter isn't it?  Definitely the beginning of a New Age in my opinion.  It only happens about every 26,000 years.   The last time this happened would have been about the time homo sapiens began to dominate the world, with the neanderthal sapiens last remains found indicating their passing away around Gibralter (in Gorham's cave about 23,000 BC I think).  Genetic mutations appear to occur more around the equator areas - random or designed- I believe due to the increased radiation from the sun.  It would be magnificent to see a new hominid species blossom, adaptive and hopefully progressive, perhaps acclimated to the warmer climate we are bringing on.  New butterflies have been found around the Japanese nuclear disaster - more colorful than ever by report!!  The Egyptians and the ancients definitely tracked the 26,000 year cycle as we've discussed off and on in the Jungian presentations, and CGJ coined the term "New Age."  All fascinating to me. 



Your  simulation of gravitational lensing by a black hole is the first time I have seen this theory put into art form.

Though I will not attend the lecture I do have Richard Tarnas' work Cosmos and Psyche.  Seems there are a lot of works out on the Sun and Moon by Jungian analysts of late.  As I spoke in my other post to you about the bible.  The main focus is Yahweh (Sun = Ego-consciousness) and the Elohym (Moon = unconscious).  These symbolically representation of Yahweh an Elohym representing the Sun and Moon come directly from the Zohar; thus, demonstrating a Jewish and Christian Mystical Tradition along these lines.  In fact that is the core of what the bible is about: this set of opposites in which all other opposites are imitations of.  In fact the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH is a representation of the Sun and Moon at work and how the Transcendent Function work, which Catholicism calls the Eucharist.  It is a beautiful thing to see conceptually and contemplatively.  

The Zohar is certainly wonderful, I enjoy the knowledge there, and the wisdoms put forth by religions, so ancient and also modern in ways!  The Transcendent field seems to encompass both the waking and sleeping as well as dreaming states of consciousness.  From there the awareness of a higher state of being seems to arise on a permanent level, what we might call cosmic consciousness, rising to God consciousness or living in the light of God, and after that the Unity or awareness of the totality of it all.  I always got similar feelings from the works of Plato and Socrates on days of joy during college where we had no active classes or other work to do, kernals of wisdom to be relished well and digested and then really viewed in the world around us - but with a deeper perspective.  How is your personal work going? 


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