Lee S Lawrence

"Relationships, Love, Energy and Depth Psychology: Understanding Love Beyond Mars & Venus" 

     with Lee S Lawrence

Saturday February 11th, 2017

       3:00 pm to 5:00 pm 


Location:  Chapel Hill Public Library, Room B


“Why am I in this relationship?”

“What’s missing in my life?”

“Why can’t I find the right relationship?”  

"Why do I repeat these patterns?"

If these questions sound hauntingly familiar, that’s because they are valid questions whether you are searching for someone, dating, just married, or celebrating your golden anniversary.

In this special presentation entitled “Relationships, Love, Energy and Depth  Psychology”, Lee Lawrence will demonstrate and explain our unconscious motivations and what creates the “chemistry of love.” Every relationship is unique, and understanding this uniqueness is the key to finding love that is fulfilling and lasting. Lee will clearly show—with audience volunteers— how energy and depth psychology techniques can locate the perceptual programming events in our lives that have either shackled us into bad relationships, or motivated us to sabotage good relationships. With such awareness, we can at last truly set ourselves free to enjoy the benefits of healthy love.

Lee’s topics will include: understanding relationship dynamics, soul mates, the chemistry of love, types of love, and the Laws of Attraction in Relationships. This talk will give new philosophical understanding and perspective on relationships to provide insight for individuals to grow into more intimate, deeper, fulfilling relationships with self and others. The knowledge shared in this workshop is life changing. This knowledge self-empowers individuals and facilitates change to healthier relationships in the future.


Lee Lawrence is an internationally known medical/psychological intuitive. His scientific research into the existence of the human soul and how it functions takes science beyond its current limits.  Many know Lee as “The Man Who Reads Souls” as he has the ability to read our stored memories of the past experiences in life all the way back to conception.  These stored memories are the perceptual programming events establishing the patterns of behavior, including relationship attraction and repulsion we experience in our lives.  

Lee is an experienced and enthusiastic presenter whose education and research in religion, psychology, and neuroscience brings these three fields together in one unified body of knowledge. Many describe Lee as a mystic, a soul reader or a miracle worker. He insists, that is not the case, but that we are all equal and anyone can do the things he does as they let go and explore their consciousness.  It's a matter of awakening to the intrinsic abilities of our soul or spirit.

According to Lee, miracles are merely science that most currently do not understand. His goal is to teach people the science through his workshops and presentations in order that all persons can grow to find and experience the communion with God that brings fulfillment to life. He takes on the conventional theories of research scientists in neuroscience and demonstrates with profound proof why his explanations hold scientific merit. Understanding what he teaches will lead to a profound paradigm shift in the unification of scientific, psychological and religious theory. His understanding of the interaction between the human soul or spirit and the physical body opens new doors for the future of both psychological and physical medical diagnosis and treatment.  In addition, the insights into religion and the many spiritual paths provides a greater understanding bringing unification to all, without discounting current beliefs and rituals.

Lee conducts a series of workshops and lectures to share the knowledge relating to the anatomy and physiology of the human soul through "The Science of the Soul," an organization dedicated to assisting in the spiritual and consciousness growth of our planet.

Lee is featured in the Kundalini DVD, a documentary film revealing the ancient knowledge of kundalini by people who have unlocked its energetic force. More recently Lee is featured in Back From The Light, a documentary film on the after effects of Near Death Experiences.

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