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Convergent Views of Reality:

Gurdjieff, Jung, and Peter L. Berger

Featuring Kenneth Turner, PhD

Time: Sep 25, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time

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Ken Turner has a Ph.D. in physics (Princeton, 1962) and an M.A. in humanistic and transpersonal psychology (University of West Georgia, 2008). He has been interested in models of reality for most of his life and has been a member of the Jung Society of the Triangle since his arrival in North Carolina in 2015. Ken has read most of Jung’s collected works and was associated with the Fourth Way Center for Advanced Studies (a Gurdjieff group in the Washington DC area) from 1973 to 1992. Ken presently serves on the board of the C. G.  Jung Society of the Triangle Area as Program Chairperson.

While George Gurdjieff and Carl Jung were contemporaries, it seems unlikely that they ever met, or read the other’s works. There was a connection in the person of Maurice Nicoll, a patient of Jung’s before the first world war, who was later much taken by Gurdjieff’s ideas and wrote extensively about them.

In spite of this seeming total lack of connection, it is remarkable how the psychological models of these two great teachers match. Jung had "complexes", Gurdjieff had “many I’s"; Jung sought "individuation", relationship with the Self, while Gurdjieff sought connection with the “Real I”. Both taught that inner work needed to be done in the everyday world, rather than in special conditions or isolation.

Interestingly, while Jung was much taken by the number 4, Gurdjieff was similarly fascinated by the number 3. It seems worthy of note that Jung’s 4 functions were arranged as 3 plus 1, while Gurdjieff taught that when the 3 centers were balanced, a 4th center would come into play.

These similarities and contrasts will be explored in some detail and the argument will be made that the agreement between models of such different origins should give much confidence in their accuracy and utility.

Peter L. Berger (an eminent sociologist), on the other hand, was our contemporary. He represents, in Gurdjieff’s term, a “third force,” fulfilling one of Gurdjieff’s “Five Strivings” – “to learn ever more and more about the laws of world creation and world maintenance.” This is most clearly expressed in his book The Social Construction of Reality, which he wrote with Thomas Luckmann.

September 25, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time

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