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Free Movie Seminars

Movie Night with Jungians
Discussion leader: George Sharp
Films are free 
Call 919-604-0427

Monday, March 18, 7:30: Hugo
Set in 1931 in a very large and intimidating Parisian train station, "Hugo" is the magical evocation of a boy's journey into manhood. Hugo struggles to fulfill the duties of his recently deceased father by keeping the myriad clocks in the station running while avoiding detection by an overly zealous guard, and at the same time solving the mystery of an automaton which seems to embody the real legacy of his father. With Ben Kingsley, Sasha Baron/Cohen and a host of talented others. This is a beautiful movie, very different from Sorsese's normal violent fare. Come and enjoy the movie and the rich discussion which always ensues after a viewing.



The The C. G. Jung Society of the Triangle will hold its Annual Meeting on Friday April 26, just prior to the lecture by Jerry Ruhl, PhD (see below). Elections for the Board of Directors will be held during the meeting. To find out more about the meeting and how to volunteer or nominate others to serve on the Board, see the Annual Meeting and Elections page.

March 29-30, 2019

The Female Hero
Lecture by Sarah Jackson, MFA MA LP, Jungian analyst  
Friday, March 29, 2019, at 7:30 pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC

Jungian analyst, writer, and visual artist Sarah Jackson, MFA MA LP,  will present a lecture/discussion followed by an all-day workshop on the Female Hero.  She will begin her lecture with an overview of the archetypes of the hero and the hero’s journey and will go on to consider Jung’s fascination with the hero as well as his total neglect of the female hero. [And this is also true of Campbell, Kerenyi, and almost all other men who have written on the hero.]  Notable female heroes -- historical, and mythological, religious and artistic -- will be discussed.  The heroic aspect of mothers and motherhood will be considered.  Sarah will also take a good look at the new generation of heroic characters who have been showing up with astonishing frequency in contemporary cinema.
Unlike their male predecessors, many of whom were superhuman, the new female heroes who are appearing with greater frequency both in fictional and actual form are, to steal Nietzsche’s phrase, “human, all too human”.  There are also an extraordinary number of tragic female heroes, both contemporary and historical, who deserve attention and force us to reconsider the on-going difficulties which women and girls face in their effort to become fully themselves, with full equality, parity, and freedom of expression.
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Female Hero Lecture 3/29/19

The Female Hero - Workshop with Sarah Jackson
Saturday, March 30, 10 am to 4 pm  Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC

The workshop will combine didactic and experiential components in which our personal heroes --  both male and female -- will be explored, as well as our perceptions of and relationship to our own heroism and/or anti-heroism.  We will take a good look at Jung’s ideas about animus and anima in order to determine what the animus of the female hero is really like. We will consider the basic patterns of the hero’s journey: separation - initiation - return,  as well as the slaying of a monster, dragon or demon.  We will also discuss the #MeToo movement and will investigate victims as heroes as well as heroes who victimize.  

Female Hero Workshop 3/30/19

Sarah Jackson has been in private practice in the Berkshires since 1990. She has recently opened new offices in Hillsdale NY and Great Barrington MA. In addition to working as a Jungian and Archetypal psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, she is a visual artist as well as a writer.

Sarah’s exploration of the archetype of the hero, (her graduate thesis was on the female hero) has relevance to our most ordinary and unheroic undertakings, as well as our greatest ambitions and accomplishments.

April 26-27, 2019

Friday, April, 28 2019, 7:30 pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC
Living a Conscious Life in Uncertain, Anxious Times
Lecture by Jerry M. Ruhl, PhD

Saturday, April, 29 2019 - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC 
Slender Threads:  Finding Beauty, Meaning, and Wonder in Daily Life
Workshop  with Jerry M. Ruhl, PhD

Jerry M. Ruhl PhD, is a psychologist, teacher, and author living in Colorado. He served for six years as Executive Director of The Jung Center in Houston. He lectures nationally and maintains a private therapy practice in Boulder. He also provides depth coaching via the internet, and is the co-author with Robert A. Johnson of three books:  Living Your Unlived Life, Contentment: A Way to True Happiness, and, Balancing Heaven and Earth. 


Free Community Talks

Free Lecture at Oasis in Carr Mill Mall: 
Tuesday, March 12, 7 to 8:30 PM  200 N Greensboro St Suite A5 Carrboro, NC 27510 (behind Weaver St Market and inside Carr Mill Mall) 919 904-7343
The Law of 4 and the Art of Balance: A conversation with Kenneth Turner, PhD

Free Salon at Chapel Hill Library, room A:
Saturday, May 4, 3 PM
Hazelnut Wisdom-- Practical, Mythical, Mystical
Betty Lou Chaika, BFA, M.Ed

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