The C. G. Jung Society of the Triangle is an organization of people interested in learning about the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. Our membership consists of people from all backgrounds and professions.


A Warm Welcome...

We cordially invite you to attend our February

Online Lecture and Workshop 

Personality Patterns and Love

Featuring Suzanne MacDonough

Certified MBTI Practitioner

See the meeting details below the Lecture and Workshop descriptions.

Lecture: An Introduction to the

Enneagram Theory of Personality

Friday, February 5, 2021 -- 730 - 9:00 pm EST

What is the Enneagram (pronounced ANY-a-gram)? Why is this theory taught in graduate schools to hospice chaplains and social workers? What does this theory say about our unconscious fears and unconscious motivations?

In advance, you may want to explore my favorite “test” at of The Narrative Enneagram school in California. (You can purchase it for $10, or you can simply browse their "Tour the 9 Types" webpage for free.) Or, if you prefer, you may show up without any preparation at all!

The Enneagram is a theory about patterns of emotions, thoughts, and actions; sometimes, people experience an "Aha moment" that changes their lives. Check it out -- see what you think!

Please note: The Friday night lecture and Saturday workshop can each stand-alone, but it will be especially wonderful if you experience both. Both events will include group discussions and will not be recorded. If you cannot stay the whole time, that's ok, but please show up on camera and on time-- especially because we will begin with our ethical agreements (to avoid stereotyping).

Suzanne MacDonough is a Certified MBTI Practitioner by The Myers Briggs Company and an Accredited iEQ9 Practitioner through Integrative9 Enneagram Solutions. She has found that learning about our personality patterns can help us break out of our self-limiting habits.

Preregistration is required for this Lecture.

Please click to preregister and purchase your ticket.

Workshop: Nine Love Styles 

Saturday, February 6, 2021 --  10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST

What are the 9 unconscious childhood messages we receive about Love, and what are the resulting 9 Love Styles suggested by the Enneagram theory? How can I love myself and others with greater compassion?

We will consider:
(a) how the 9 love styles cluster into 3 basic attitudes: rejection, frustration, or merging;
(b) the strengths and common challenges of each of the 9 styles; and
(c) 9 healing love messages.

These are uplifting insights for anyone and everyone!

You might fall in love with the Enneagram theory! At the very least, you are sure to find this workshop thought-provoking and fun!

Preregistration is required for this Workshop.


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