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Free Movie Seminars

Movie Night with Jungians

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) directed by Joel and Ethan Coen
Monday May  20, 7:30
Discussion leader, George Sharp
Films are free 
Call 919-604-0427 for directions


A Warm Welcome...

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
(Carl Jung)

Join us at upcoming events to foster insight, wisdom and community....

Saturday, June 2019

A Salon with Penny Norris, PhD, Jungian analytical psychologist, 
 Saturday, JUNE 8, 2019 - 3:00-5:00 PM 
Chapel Hill Library, 100 Library Drive, Room A

"Nowadays we can see as never before that the peril which threatens all of us comes not from nature, but from man, from the psyches of the individual and the mass. The psychic aberration of the man is the danger. Everything depends upon whether or not our psyche functions properly. If certain persons lose their head nowadays, a hydrogen bomb will go off. " (C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections (1962). #132) 

"Fitcher's Bird" is  a blood-thirsty tale of a wicked magician who does not behave properly, and people lose their heads.  He captures and murders women until he meets his match, the third sister of three. This archetypal tale is an example of the power of the feminine principle when it is used consciously by men and women to make a stand against evil-doing. It highlights the paradox that within evil there may be some good that seeks its own redemption, and that there are times when goodness needs to actively recognize and protect itself from the dark deeds and intentions of evil, while finding ways to transform these. 

The fairy tale "Fitcher's Bird" can be found in Routledge's edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales. It can also be found online 

Penny Norris, PhD, is a Jungian analytical psychologist, registered with IAAP, and UKCP and IGAP in the UK. She  trained in England with the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists (IGAP) and then opened a private practice in Devon, UK, which has been active for over twenty years. Her work includes individual clients and group work; public talks, seminars and workshops; being teacher, mentor and examiner to students at her training institution. The highlight of her research papers and presentations were those at Concordia University, Canada, The Marie Louise von Franz Research and Training Centre in Switzerland, and various Jung Societies in the UK. Penny lives in Chapel Hill NC with her husband. They recently opened a well-being centre in Carrboro.


Fall 2019 Lectures & workshops

Friday, Sept. 13,  2019, 7:30 pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC
Lecture by J. Randall Mishoe, D.Min, Jungian Analyist: 
Buddha Mind, Christ's Heart, Jung's Dream
Saturday, Sept. 14, 10am-4pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC 
Workshop  with J. Randall Mishoe, D.Min

Friday, Oct. 25,  2019, 7:30 pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC

Lecture byJeffrey Raff, PhD: Active Imagination
Saturday, Oct. 26, 10am-4pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC 
Workshop  with Jeffrey Raff, PhD


Free Community Talks

Free Salons, Chapel Hill Library, room A:

Saturday, June 8, 3pm
The Restorative Power of the Feminine in the Battle Against Evil with Penny Norris, PhD, Jungian analytical psychologist

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