The C. G. Jung Society of the Triangle is an organization of people interested in learning about the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. Our membership consists of people from all backgrounds and professions.

Members enjoy discounted fees, a newsletter, shared resources, and member-only social events.  New members may join at any time.

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The Jung Society of the Triangle relies on support from members and non-members for the annual programming, mailing, and associated costs of approximately 10 events per year. Donations help our non-profit with the ever-increasing costs of travel, accommodations, and speaker honorariums. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. 

Free Movie Seminars

Movie Night with Jungians

Wonderstruck (2017) 
April 15, 7:30
Discussion leader: George Sharp
Films are free 
Call 919-604-0427 for directions



The The C. G. Jung Society of the Triangle will hold its Annual Meeting on Friday April 26, just prior to the lecture by Jerry Ruhl, PhD (see below). Elections for the Board of Directors will be held during the meeting. To find out more about the meeting and how to volunteer or nominate others to serve on the Board, see the Annual Meeting and Elections page.

APRIL 26-27, 2019

Lecture and Workshop with Jerry Ruhl, Ph.D. 

Join us this April for a lecture and experiential workshop by Dr. Jerry Ruhl-  Internationally recognized Jungian psychologist, teacher, and co-author with Robert A. Johnson of  Living Your Unlived Life; Contentment: A Way to True Happiness; and Balancing Heaven and Earth.

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Living a Conscious Life in Uncertain, Anxious Times
Friday, April 26, 2019, 7:30pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC

What makes a conscious life?

Before becoming conscious, things just happen. When we challenge habits and patterns that constrain our lives, we begin to find inner authority; life gains greater choice, purpose, and meaning. Even those aspects of experience that we don’t want and would never choose can be made meaningful. But how can we cope with breakdowns, conflicts, and primitive defensive strategies in an age of hyper-anxiety? There are times, personally and collectively, in which we fall back into chaotic states of anger, fear, confusion, and meaninglessness. In such moments cherished positions may seem to unravel. We look for someone or something to blame and even demonize.

This lecture will explore psychological, mythic, and spiritual dimensions of becoming conscious, in the tradition of C.G. Jung.

Jerry Ruhl Lecture

How to Find Beauty, Meaning, and Wonder in Our Lives
Saturday, April 27, 10am-4pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC

In this presentation, Dr. Ruhl considers the role of synchronicity as well as rational planning in shaping contemporary life.

It is an audacious notion in this age of science and willful determination that one’s existence is somehow inspired, guided, and even managed by unseen forces outside our control. Whether called fate, synchronicity, or the hand of God, slender threads are at work bringing coherence and continuity to our lives. Over time they weave a remarkable tapestry.

What are these slender threads? Being in a particular place at just the right time, meeting someone who steers you in an unforeseen direction, the unexpected appearance of work, money or inspiration. Such patterns give meaning to our experiences. In our modern culture we’re pretending with tremendous skill and deception we are not all that – not the obverse pattern, not the loose threads, and not the connecting links between what is apparent and what is not.

Once you recognize the power of the invisible threads, you can stop worrying about trying to control everything. This gives life an intensity, a sense of safety, and less worry — if you can learn to carry on these two perspectives at once. In one-dimensional awareness we leave out of everyday consciousness two essential things: 1) Amazing beauty and, 2) a very deep thing, our identity with the total process of being.

Jerry Ruhl Workshop

Fall 2019 Lectures & workshops

Friday, Sept. 13,  2019, 7:30 pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC
Lecture by J. Randall Mishoe, D.Min, Jungian Analyist: 
Buddha Mind, Christ's Heart, Jung's Dream
Saturday, Sept. 14, 10am-4pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC 
Workshop  with J. Randall Mishoe, D.Min

Friday, Oct. 25,  2019, 7:30 pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC
Lecture byJeffrey Raff, PhD: Active Imagination
Saturday, Oct. 26, 10am-4pm - Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill, NC 
Workshop  with Jeffrey Raff, PhD


Free Community Talks

Free Salons, Chapel Hill Library, room A:

Saturday, May 4, 3pm
Practical, Mythical, Mystical
with Betty Lou Chaika, BFA, M.Ed

Saturday, June 8, 3pm
The Restorative Power of the Feminine in the Battle Against Evil with Penny Norris, PhD, Jungian analytical psychologist

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